A Coat of Many Colors

by rxy25

This past week we had some beautiful crisp cool morning air.  It was beautiful and sunny, and Haven and I spent some time outside while waiting for Dashiell and Ella.  Haven loves to just walk up and down the sidewalk in front of our townhouse.  I think it makes her feel free to walk around and explore as I follow her (usually she has to go with the flow of whatever Guillaume and I decide.)

I bought Haven this cute striped coat last year on winter clearance.  It was hard for me to imagine her being able to wear it since she was just a new baby then, but it’s perfect for her now, and the crisp weather gave us a great opportunity to bring it out of the closet.  We call it Haven’s Coat of Many Colors.  We just hope that none of the other kids on the block throw her into a pit and sell her into slavery.  🙂

Mommy and her little shadow

Red Polka-dot Shoes – Haven has loved these for months and months.  She often finds her shoe basket and tries to put them on.  They finally fit her!  🙂